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39 New Products to Shake Up Snack Time

From morning to night, it seems kids are always hungry. And always begging for a snack. It falls to us parents to figure out what’s good for them and what they’ll actually eat. Luckily we found a whole bunch of new healthy snacks for kids in order to get them through the school day, the after-school carpool and even the dreaded before-dinner hangries. Keep reading to see them all.

When is a raisin not a raisin? When it's a vine-dried grape, aka a revamped raisin from Life's Grape. It might not sound like that big of a deal but for anyone whose ever tried to pry that last chunk of hard, dry raisins from a box, hear this: these are superior raisins!!! Every one is plump and sweet and our editor's finicky 8-year-old gobbled them up his lunch-sized packet and asked for more. We can't wait to use them in baking, too! 

PS: They have a chocolate covered version, too.