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Best Guilt-Free Desserts and Snacks for Summer

A review of the perfect desserts and snacks for when you want to treat your sweet tooth and stay in shape!

Everyone wants to eat clean and stay healthy, especially during the summertime, but that’s a lot easier said than done. Driving by ice cream stores, seeing commercials for McFlurries on TV, and watching your friends dive into fried Oreo's, make it impossible not to want to indulge your sweet tooth. 

However, it's these delicious desserts that are our downfall - full of ingredients responsible for that annoying body fat we wish we didn’t have. Thankfully, I’ve stumbled upon some of the best guilt-free desserts and snacks that let you enjoy all the richness of your favorite desserts without any of the guilt and empty calories. Here they are!


#4 Life’s Grape

Gabriela Blanco
Gabriela Blanco

Life’s Grape is a line of vine-dried Selma Pete grapes (from California) that are a perfect dried fruit snack or addition to any fruity dessert recipe. Besides being 100% natural, Life’s Grape’s grapes are free of gluten, sodium, cholesterol, fat, GMO, and added sugars.

Now you’re probably thinking, isn’t this just some kind of fancy raisin? I’ll admit, I thought the same thing at first. But NO! Life’s Grape’s vine-dried grapes are dry but juicy and plump, sweet but not cloying, and totally unlike your typical bland, chewy, tastes-like-old-gum raisins.

Even better, Life’s Grape offers a dark-chocolate dipped version of their classic flavor, making for an even more delicious, exciting snack. I had a handful of the classic grapes whenever I was got hungry at home and each time it got harder for me not to eat ten more handfuls.


All in all, I can guarantee that these brands’ products are delicious, nutritious alternatives to your favorite snacks and desserts. If you want to treat yourself and keep your summer body, go try them out!