Fruitful | July 2020 curdbox

Fruitful | July 2020 curdbox


We partnered with curdbox, a wine pairing subscription box, this summer to share our dark chocolate vine-dried grapes to all those wine lovers out there!

Summer’s in full swing now, and if you’re anything like us here at curdbox, that means you are giddy for summer fruit. While we wanted this month’s box to capture that summer spirit, we (regrettably) can’t ship you a fresh peach or a box of raspberries. But we found something (actually three things) just as good: fruit pairings that have undergone some sort of alchemy, with all the complexity and softness of ripe fruit, but in shippable form. Our cheeses this month are laid back, each bringing a distinct mellowness to our fruit pairings. In fact, this whole box is just taking it easy—everything goes with everything and there’s really nothing to fret about. It’s a wonderful way to be, so let’s get to it, and see what’s in this month’s Fruitful box. Dark-Chocolate Vine-Dried Grapes from Life’s Grape

Life’s Grape brings us our final decadent fruit pairing. While these may technically be raisins and the general format is reminiscent of the cinema-favorite Raisinet, please don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ve ever had something like this before. Their California farmers grow Selma Pete grapes, which are not only particularly juicy and flavorful, but also ripen early in the season. This means they have a long time to hang out and dry on the vine, distilling all that flavor down. At the end of the season, the dried grapes are whisked off the vine, bathed in dark chocolate, and dressed with a light dusting of cocoa powder—truly the royal treatment. 

As always, have fun and experiment—try fruits together, cheeses together, and everything in different ratios. Every combo will bring something different. We hope this box opens you up to the magical world of fruit and cheese—if you have your own fresh fruit lying around, we encourage you to add it to the mix! Everyone’s welcome at this party.

We were so grapeful to be a part of such a delicious subscription box! If you have paired our dark chocolate vine-dried grapes with wine, cheese or other pairings, we would love to hear your yummy and creative ideas! If you are a true foodie and take pictures of everything that goes in your mouth, tag us at @lifes_grape and maybe we will send you some free product!