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Life’s Grape Breakfast Recipes

Make the most important meal of your day count. Starting off your day on the right note can make all the difference. Here at Life’s Grape, we believe having a healthy and delicious breakfast is the key to a successful and productive morning. From an easy weekday breakfast idea to get you quickly out the door to a fancy weekend brunch recipe, we got you covered!

Vegan Cinnamon Vine-Dried Grape Overnight Oats

Credit: Eating Bird Food Blog

You can hit that snooze button on your alarm when you know you can easily grab your breakfast from the fridge to-go! Here’s an easy and healthy overnight oats recipe that you can prepare in advance. If you’ve never had overnight oats, they’re essentially an oatmeal with no cooking/heating required. Instead, you soak the raw oats with milk overnight to soften them. Apart from being high in fiber and antioxidants, they’re a fun grab-and-go meal. You can make them however you want by adding in your favorite toppings and ingredients, but we decided to share with you one of our favorites!



Add oats, protein powder, almond milk, and cinnamon into a mason jar. Stir well to combine until all dry ingredients have been dissolved. Seal container with a lid and place in the fridge overnight.

The next morning, take the container out of the fridge and stir. If you notice that the oats soaked up a lot of the liquid, you can add a little more almond milk before serving. We suggest adding in Life’s Grape Classic in the morning and stir thoroughly so it doesn’t harden in the fridge. Then, top it off with a few of Life’s Grape’s dark chocolate dipped vine-dried grapes for some added sweetness and enjoy!


Apple and Vine-Dried Grape French Toast

Credit: taste & tell Blog

This warm and sweet French toast is our favorite recipe when we’re in the mood for a decadent brunch. This also works as an easy make ahead recipe that you can prepare the night before and enjoy in the morning.

Ingredients (*makes 6 French Toast)


Mix diced apples with Life’s Grape raisins and sauté with butter until apple turns partially soft. (Optional) Sprinkle ½ teaspoon of sugar over this mixture. Beat the eggs, vanilla and milk and coat both sides of the bread. Spread the mixture of apples and Life’s Grape over the bottom of a frying pan and keep the flame medium to low. Fry the toast over the fruit mixture and turn everything over with a spatula once one side is toasted. Continue frying until browned on both sides.

Sprinkle with cinnamon and serve with syrup of your choice! Whipped cream is optional.

We can’t wait for you to try out these delicious breakfast recipes and when you do don’t forget to let us know by tagging us on social @Lifes_Grape! Happy eating! 😊