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Meet the Team: Troy Gillespie

Here at Life’s Grape, we are a happy bunch who have a genuine passion for what we do and have so much fun doing it. We’d like to highlight all our members of the team that make Life’s Grape possible through our “Meet the Team” series that we’ll be launching on our blog. To kick things off, we’d like to first introduce you to Troy Gillespie, Director of Life’s Grape who oversees plans and makes sure the brand is coordinating with the processing plants to meet the needs for Life’s Grape. If you know anything about Life’s Grape, it’s that it’s a family business. This is one reason why Troy truly loves what he does because he gets to work with Basia and Courtney, his wife and daughter every day!     





Like Courtney and Basia, Troy graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (Go Mustangs!) and the three of them received an MBA degree after undergrad. As a family of entrepreneurs, they like to call themselves “accidental farmers.” Who knew that a family with a background in business would own a vineyard where they grow, process and sell their own specialty vine-dried grapes?! To give you more background on the history of how Life’s Grape came to be, Basia’s parents thought it would be a fun hobby to have a vineyard and purchased one in 1985. During this time Troy was focusing on his career in commercial real estate and farming. While spending some time on the vineyard, Troy recognized the potential it had and decided to take it on as a business with his wife. The family began growing and processing their vine-dried grapes to be sold wholesale all around the world, but after many friends and family told the Gillespie’s how incredibly delicious their product tasted compared to the competitors, they decided it was time to take the product directly to consumers!

Mother and daughter duo, Courtney and Basia play the creative minds behind the brand while Troy and his son Austin work on the business side of the company with Austin working closely on the Amazon marketing.

Take it from the team members at Life’s Grape who work closely with Troy daily, he is one of the most hardworking people they know. When Troy gets asked what his hobbies are, he says, “my hobby is work.” Troy truly loves what he does and is passionate about growing Life’s Grape into a national brand and household name. Rather than promoting superficial products, Troy loves that his family can create real food that people will enjoy.

When it comes to running a family-owned business Troy feels very fortunate to have such a unique and special family dynamic where everyone works so well together, even with their personal and business lives being very much intertwined. It’s not uncommon to see the whole family posting funny videos together on the Life’s Grape Instagram page updating everyone on what’s happening on the farm or singing their own song they made up about grapes!

Apart from Life’s Grape, Troy and his family are an active family who loves the outdoors. From boating to skiing and hiking, Troy loves to spend his spare time in nature. Never afraid to learn a new sport or outdoor activity, Troy and his wife Basia just recently picked up golfing! Troy is always up for trying new things and learning something he hasn’t known before. This part of him is shown within his personal activities as well as his work within the business as he is always presenting new ideas to the team every day. Life’s Grape is lucky to have someone who believes so strongly in the brand leading the company, the team is always excited to see Troy’s innovative ideas for Life’s Grape come to fruition.

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