• Top Products for Entrepreneurs to Pack This Summer During Music Festival Season

    With this sunny season comes a slew of weekend-long concerts for music lovers. Business professionals looking to burn off some steam this summer will be attending local music festivals in their state or traveling to famous ones cross-country. To have a good experience, your suitcase should be packed with the right essentials that will guarantee a positive memory to come. We list a number of high-quality products that should be squeezed into your luggage. Check out these amazing companies and enjoy the concert!

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  • Life's Grape California-grown, vine-dried grapes

    Life's Grape, a family-owned, California-grown business, is breaking into the world of snacking with their new Selma Pete vine-dried grapes. Made with grapes that are dried from soaking up the warm California sun right on the vine, Life's Grape offers superior flavor and juiciness with every bite. Bursting with energy, Life's Grape® is the perfect snack with just the right natural boost of sugar for both adults and kids.

    "Our family has been in the industry for over thirty years and it has brought us such joy to be able to utilize our knowledge of grapes to reimagine their place in snacking," said Courtney Gillespie, president and COO of Life's Grape. "We grow, process, and package Life's Grape on our vineyard, so this truly is a product that is being made with love.

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  • Best Guilt-Free Desserts and Snacks for Summer

    Everyone wants to eat clean and stay healthy, especially during the summertime, but that’s a lot easier said than done. Driving by ice cream stores, seeing commercials for McFlurries on TV, and watching your friends dive into fried Oreo's, make it impossible not to want to indulge your sweet tooth. 

    However, it's these delicious desserts that are our downfall - full of ingredients responsible for that annoying body fat we wish we didn’t have. Thankfully, I’ve stumbled upon some of the best guilt-free desserts and snacks that let you enjoy all the richness of your favorite desserts without any of the guilt and empty calories. 


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  • 15 Amazingly Tasty Camping Snacks: The snacks to bring on every camping trip

    Ah, camping! The fresh air in your lungs, the sun shining in your face, and the open fields filled with adventures to be had. I don’t know about you, but there’s something about all that that just makes my stomach growl furiously!

    Life’s Grape, these California grown vine-dried grapes are a great source of fiber, calories and energy when hiking so you don’t have to carry around fresh fruit that can spoil! The Selma Pete grapes key characteristic is early ripening, which allows them to spend more time on the vine (not on the ground like most raisins are dried) to reach their peak flavor, nutrition and juiciness. The Life’s Grape Mini Vine-Dried Grapes (12) 1 oz Snack Packs- $17.99 is the perfect camping snack to sneak into your backpack and snack on when you need that extra little boost of sugar on a long hot day hiking and seeking adventure in nature!

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  • 39 New Products to Shake Up Snack Time

    From morning to night, it seems kids are always hungry. And always begging for a snack. It falls to us parents to figure out what’s good for them and what they’ll actually eat. Luckily we found a whole bunch of new healthy snacks for kids in order to get them through the school day, the after-school carpool and even the dreaded before-dinner hangries. Keep reading to see them all.

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