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Peanut Butter Dipped vine grapes
Life's Grape® peanut butter dipped vine-dried grapes are crafted with our very own, signature Selma Pete grapes, which we affectionately call PBJ.
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2 products

Life's Grape classic vine-dried grapes are crafted with our very own, signature Selma Pete grapes. Dried on the vine, our grapes absorb all the energy and nutrients from the warm California sun and vines, so they're more juicy, meaty, elegant, and flavorful than other grape varieties.

Packed with all the energy you need to power your day and with just the perfect hint of sweetness, they're a smart and convenient snack choice for any occasion.

Taste the good life energy.

  • Naturally sweet
  • No added sugars
  • Fat free
  • Cholesterol free
  • Sodium free
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher

Ingredients: Raisins, sunflower oil.

Available in our full size (13 oz pouch) or a box of 12 (1 oz) snack packs.