good life energy!

At Life's Grape®, we believe in energy. Not the cross the finish line, go twelve rounds kind, but the kind that fuels and is fueled by the enjoyment of life. The energy that empowers you! We call it GOOD LIFE ENERGY. 


We think good life energy can come from food, like our signature Selma Pete vine-dried grapes. That’s why ours are handcrafted and as close to what Mother Nature intended. How do we know they are? Because we grow, harvest, and package them all ourselves, using techniques that respect and renew the earth. 

Man does not live on grapes alone, but if you’ve got a hankering for a juicy, nutritious little gem of sun soaked, vine-dried goodness, we’ve got just the thing for you. Embark on your journey and live your adventure. Life's grape!