What's a vine-dried grape?

A vine-dried grape is exactly how it sounds! Once the grape is sweet and has the perfect characteristics, the grapes are left hanging on the vine to dry. Keeping the grapes slightly shaded under the canopy helps maintain all the flavor without getting unwanted flavors from a sunburn.
What's a Selma Pete grape? A Selma Pete grape is a cross between a Thompson Seedless, Fiesta Seedless and Muscat grape. It utilizes all the favorable qualities of each to create a grape that tastes amazing and makes farmers lives a little bit easier.
What is your Non-GMO Project Verified status? All our products are Non-GMO. We are currently in the early stages of the process, but we are optimistic the process will not take very long.
Are your products gluten free? Our classicminis and dark chocolate collections are gluten-free.
Are your products Kosher? Our classic, minis and dark chocolate collections are certified Kosher.
What is the best way to store LIFE’S GRAPE® snacks?

For best results, remove excess air from bag and reseal. The better the seal, the fresher your snack!  Store in a cool dry place.

My store doesn’t carry LIFE’S GRAPE®; where can I find them? We love that our fans are looking for our products in your local stores! We are available at Raley's and now at Cost Plus World Market. You can always purchase Life's Grape® products at our online store or Amazon.com. But we also encourage you to ask your local shop to carry them.
Do you put sulfites or other preservatives in your products? No. We don't use any sulfites or preservatives in our products.