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From our family’s vineyards to your family’s hands, Life’s Grape’s vine-dried grapes are grown with love. We purchased our first vineyard 35 years ago, and we’ve been raisin’ delicious grapes ever since.

Our family secret is a new grape varietal, the Selma Pete, that drys hanging on the vine. The warm California sun transforms our grapes into sweet and juicy treats that are perfect for snacking.

We make our snacks with real, whole fruit straight from our vineyards. Oh, and we treat our grapes like family, which means our snacks are always all-natural, non-GMO, and preservative-free.


about vine-dried grapes

Our Selma Pete grapes are gently dried on the vine under the shade of the canopy. This signature, all natural drying process results in a juicier and sweeter snack. We can't wait for you to try our revamped raisins!


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How our hobby evolved into the juicy, nutritious, vine-dried goodness you know and love.


"Meet your newest obsession: peanut butter-covered vine-dried grapes. Holy addictive, Batman. We could not put these down. In fact, we ate embarrassingly large amounts in an extremely short period of time. They're essentially peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but in bite-sized pieces. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up."

Joey S. - Chowhound Magazine Writer

" I am now a raisin snob and I am ok with that! Lol! :)

Life's Grape has ruined other raisins for me. I thought raisins were supposed to be wrinkly, chewy but a bit dry & well..."pruney!" NOPE! Life's Grape has made me fall in love with raisins! I didn't know a raisin could be this yummy!! They're soft, plump, juicy & taste AMAZING! The plain ones are great but the peanut butter are out of this world DELICIOUS! I could eat them every single day! I haven't been this impressed with a food product in a very long time! BRAVO Life's Grape!

- Carrie M, Raisin snob

"First, I am a chocolate raisin connoisseur and have the 20 extra pounds to prove it. Dark chocolate only, milk chocolate raisins are for Neanderthals. I can’t remember the last time I purchased those mass produced ones in a yellow box. If you like chocolate raisins, buy those. If you LOVE chocolate raisins, buy these."

- M. Northup, Chocolate Raisin Connoisseur

"I was given the Life's Grape Dark Chocolate Dipped Vine-Dried Grapes to try... I was hesitant at first because they weren't like the usual chocolate covered raisins. These were actually far superior to any others I've ever had. A great tasting fruit surrounded by a luscious dark chocolate. I was able to eat less and feel satisfied and like I'd just had gourmet dessert."

Andrea Metz

"These are the best raisins ever! The only problem is that I probably can't eat any other raisins anymore! Other raisins just do not compare to these. I give these 5 out of 5 Yums!"

Ms. Jones



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