our roots (get it, roots?)

We are family owned and farmers at our core.

We have a long heritage.

Everyone has that one friend that is overly passionate about their work. That’s us, the crazy grape family! We're a multi-generational family that purchased our first vineyard over 30 years ago in the gorgeous Central Valley region of California. Since then, our grapes are our life and we aren’t afraid to shout it to the world!

We began planting Selma Pete vine-dried grapes for better agricultural sustainability, only to find this grape changed our view on snacking. We loved the sweet and juicy taste. 

Once we realized how delicious these grapes were, we started handing them out to all of our friends. After they tried them, it wasn’t long before those hands were coming back for more, more, and more!

We know good food comes from farms, not factories.

That’s why we grow, process, and package all our own grapes, using techniques that respect and renew the earth so our friends and fans can have a flavorful and healthful snack. You know what they say, farm to table freshness makes the grape taste just right.

There’s nothing in our vine-dried grapes we’re not proud of!

We've shared our passion with our family and friends and have finally decided to share it with the world! 

We are so excited to introduce LIFE’S GRAPE!