vine-dried Selma Pete grapes

It's simple. The longer the grapes stay on the vine, the better they taste! 


Life's Grape® signature Selma Pete grapes are more elegant, juicy, meaty, and flavorful than other grape varieties, which makes them the perfect variety for snacks!

Why Selma Pete? 

These grapes are a cross between three popular types of grapes, bred to achieve amazing taste and sustainable farming practices.

Vine-drying = more flavor. 

One of the key characteristics of these grapes is earlier ripening, which allows them to spend more time on the vine to reach their peak of flavor, nutrition and juiciness while still allowing plenty of time to dry before harvest. Not only do they taste great, but also being vine-dried means our grapes never touch the ground. The combination of Selma Pete grapes and vine-drying produces an incredible tasting snack that's bursting with energy and goodness. They'll be the highlight of your day.

Our Selma Pete vine-dried grapes perks:
100% Fruit
All natural
Naturally sweet
No added sugars
Gluten free
Sodium free
Cholesterol free
Fat free