classic vine-dried grapes | resealable (3) 13 oz pouches

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Life's Grape® classic vine-dried grapes are crafted with our very own, signature Selma Pete grapes.

2 simple ingredients: Selma Pete vine-dried grapes, sunflower oil.

Selma Pete grapes are dried hanging on the vine drinking up the California sun, just as Mother Nature intended. They never touch the ground. Long gone are the days of dried on the ground, clumpy, sunburnt raisins. Hello vine-dried grapes! The Selma Pete and vine drying process creates a sweeter, meatier, and juicier nutritious snack that everyone loves!

The perks of our classic vine-dried grapes: 100% Real Fruit, No sugar added, Gluten free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Kosher, Sulfur Free, Preservative Free, Cholesterol Free, Fat Free, Sodium Free, 120 Calories per Serving.

The Classic 3pk Bundle includes (3) resealable 13 oz bags

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